Jan. 28th, 2011

maverynthia: (Puchi Ryu)

What follows is Cardfight!! Vanguard rambling....

Things I like about the show:

Realistic battles. While there might be holobattles later (as seen in the intro), they start off with the "visualize yourself here" and go with that instead of holotables and such.

It isn't the only card game in town. Cards from different games and posters for different games are on the walls of the card shop. It's the one the anime focuses on, but not the only one.

Realistic card front. They have tables and folding chairs with posters on the walls of various sets of cards from various games, and even posters for maybe anime or manga or a game book. You can even see rare cards from what appears to be YGO or Magic being sold in the case, deck boxes, and boxed sets.

Human male summons. Too often games will have female monsters that look human and such and NO male summons, or maybe one or two from the WHOLE GAME. Battle Spirits I'm looking at you. Blaster Blaster blade is a Royal Paladin... there are other human male cards in Aichi's deck. This is a game I will buy!

"...the lesson is that you’re not writing for ten different audiences, you’re writing for ten million different individuals." -Alexis Kennedy (Failbetter Games)

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