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This is a better picture of the "Egg Yolk" From yesterday that I did with cellphone cam. It's a hard boiled egg yolk xD.
Eyes and mouth are both made from felt (all we had on hand), body is..some kind of yellow yarn, smooth and soft, not hard like the regular yarn you can get for like $1.50 at wal-mart... Stuffed with poly-fil. Time to completeion was around 4 hours from the learning to make intestines to the time to make appenixes to then getting the magic ring (I like to call it a grub as when you pull it closed it looks like a grub or larvae) down then to actually knitting/crocheting...(what's the right word?) the little guy.

Oh you can ignore the naked dude holding the little guy >.> <.<

My friend blames it all on this random person that also was looking at amigurumi books that talked to us in the store xD
Ah well, I learned a new skill...I came home and knitted up a 7 legged face hugger (of of the legs got pulled out before I noticed it was gone) It's more or less a coaster. The "air bags" didn't come out and it was prolly to big but I followed THIS LINK to the pattern. It's cute :D

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Ball of..something

Happy egg yolks and Dannen :D
Mine's on the bottom.

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