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Reading through my friends list is getting kind of...boring... it seems that everyone is acquiring things that involve cars.. I'm not interested in cars... -_-

However I AM getting interested in playing Phantasy Star Universe. People are telling me I can make a wrentype... WOOO... FINALLY! I might make one and call him Melan Blue from Brigadoon...

Which I might add is a cool, quirky series. I like the whole living weapon/android protector type that slowly gets a will of their own. This is the only anime I've seen that actually has that type. Though, it may seem comedic at time it is VERY sad, people die.. a lot. Melan Blue also gets messed up pretty bad a lot too. So if you can't stand characters dying or bleeding and being near death, then skip this one. Though I will say that the character death are NOT for not. (as in they die for a reason, not because the author didn't know what to do with the characters) It's all for character development and having Marin grow-up and become independent.

BACK to PSU! It looks a lot like PSO which I thoroughly enjoyed until they shut the servers down :( I'll have to remake Koujiro and his happy grass assassin. Though Koujiro was originally supposed to be a Cast, but since all the PSO casts sucked...he became human. Which, now I would feel bad for making him a Cast again. So...gonna make a Melan Blue maybe...Gun Swordsman!

I might also add that my pet bongun from RO has a similar protector style story from the time I spammed blue diaries on him to get him to the time I named him Bocca to the lovely adventures we had hunting down his kind and killing them en masse to snag a cool hat.... I wonder if he forgave me for that... >.>

I might start writing a story along those lines of protector/android/cute zombie. I already have had my Magician-001 'manga' published (Chapter 1 only..there's a WHOLE huge fiasco that goes with it) and really want to redo that and finish it. It too has the programmed protector style going on...sorta based off YuGiOh. I didn't like how the monsters in the show didn't have..a personality.. however the ones in the manga sort of had a personality. Especially when Yuugi goes up against Pandora. The way Pandora's magician looks back at him as Pandora uses this nasty sacrificing card.... yeah..

If anybody know of any other anime that has a similar storyline of protector android/alien/summon that's a 'combat only' entity and has to protect a normal member of the public and fit in...I'd love to hear it... Brigadoon is the only one I can think of...and a little bit of Tres from Trinity Blood...but...Trinity Blood is all about the combat.. though it IS fun to see him just start shooting stuff up and then say 'kuria-' (Clear - though I love the accent on all the syllables)

So yeah hawt androids.

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