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Aug. 7th, 2007 12:53 am
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Hrmm...I think there might be some copypasta going on....

Well I found a few new anime I like:
Super Doll Licca-chan: A shoujo series based on the Licca-chan dolls. Basic premise is Licca is the princess of the Doll kingdom and these bad people are out to kidnap her..or something and when she gets into danger this bracelet she has calls to the one her grandmother has and her grandmother summons the Doll Knights. Yeah, I just wanted to hear Doll Isamu's voice since it's the same as Microman Arthur's... however it seems the fansubbing group that's doing it went defunct :( (At first I thought this anime was an ecchi type xD)

Sonic Soldier Borgman: It's kinda of...a magical guy anime. Where the guys have these bracelet things and they get this cool power armor... I've always liked guys in power armor. Also, this has some lizard wolves in it....and I seem to like lizard wolves. Reminds me of the savage wolves in PSO... maybe they'll have them in PSU...

Update my mushi stuff :D
Write a new cool story!

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Whelp, I'm not going to b online consitantly for the next few days. I'll be out of town.

Other stuff:
A few of my favorite Anime ended: Ghost Hunt, Pumpkin Scissors,and KIBA. Even though I skipped a good 20 episodes and went for the last one... I apperently didn't miss much, which was good considering my like for the show was waning. Though it was good to see Dumas in the end. ^^
A few series I'm hoping continue for a while is"
Shonen Onmyouji: I'm starting to really like the whole Onmyoudo Onmyouji thing. Lin does it in Ghost Hunt. I reminds me greatly of Ceremonial and Chaos magic.
Nodame Cantible: Yay music

Though those are the only ones I ever froth for. I started watching Bleach again just to see if I really like it. I'm not sure I will in the long run. Most popular shounen series get boring to me. KIBA is proof of this. At least Shoujo don't have everyone trying to go super-saiyan. They just get a new magical jewel and bam more power. Then again, Sailor Jupiter never tried to kick Sailor Moon's ass, except in a videogame. I have bitter memories of that....(Which concered me buying an import Sailor Moon game and the guy behind the counter assuring me it would work on my system and of course finding out it doesn't even fit.)
I'm hoping that more "ghost hunt" type anime are produced. I'm seriously getting tired of all the harem and shounen stuff. Really, how many harem anime do you NEED, especially when it's all from the same company, has the same look and I bet the plots are the same too.
Then again, shoujo stuff doesn't get much better, however there isn't a lot of reverse harem stuff, or at least stuff that gets subbed.

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I was hoping to post this with LJTalk but considering it keeps crashing on my system ;.;:

Negima?!- Not to be confused with Mahou Sensei Negima, even though they have the same characters... Not a trace of fanservice in sight..or at least for the first episode. The storyline seems to be cool, even though not much happened in the first episode...might watch more.

Pumpkin Scissors - Did I do PumpSciss yet? Well after watching more episodes, it seems to be an awesome anime with a smart female lead, a clevr and curious glasses type and of course the large loveable puppy dog Orlando. Focuses less on military stradegy and what doing what (like what Gundam does) and more on the characters themselves.

Shounen Onmyouji - Finally GOOD subs. This seems to be a standard shonen faire and if you've seen Onmyou Taisenki, it has a similar beat to it, only less fighting of people and more fighting of nasty things..soo farr. Might even be shounen-ai...

Code Geass - It looks like it might be yet another Gundam Seed with Lelouch and Suzaku going after each other on opposite sides. Very strange, though not as complex as Gundam is with it's actual military layouts and stuff.

I got Mav past the first CoP missions that suck when you do the crags. So it's a big event in Mav's life. I can finally work to move the storyline on. I'm planning on getting The complete Vana'diel collection on Tues. It's one big DVD, a plus and it also has Treasures of Aht Urgan on it, which I don't have yet. I'm at level 37 WHM (still) and level 32 BLM, which I've come a bit of a ways...

I'm so frustrated with this game right now. The healer hench keeps getting herself killed and then the whole mission is then lost. I really wish I had people to play with in here that don't run off and die... Anyways I'm still trying to complete Prophcies, since Factions is  AND Nightfall or..whatever it's called is also out, I'm so far behind... ;.; I'm currently stuck on the Frost Gate mission. I got the Bonusdon though... >.>

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Furthur reviews of the anime I'm watching:

Gakuen Heaven - I like the fact they finally brought in the plot, it was getting a bit stale with just tons of shonen-ai and no real direction to it. The characters are still nice, however they seem to have too many characters and a few of them look too similar to other characters.

Ouran High School Host Club - Still funny, though it seems to be chugging towards a stale catagory and I hate Renge! She should have been DAS BOOTed out of there.

.hack//ROOTS - It's making sense in a confused sort of way. I really wish they'd make an anime about an MMO and not an anime that just happens to be on an MMO, because all of this Twilight Key nonsense can't really happen and it kinda makes the anime suck. Though the story itself is good, if you just do away with the MMO part.

Kiba - It really draws you along until about episode 7, then falls off then jumps ahead a bit. The story seems to be good, however it's starting to get a bit muddled and they brought in the "person that knows everything about your summon" which kinda ruined the 'secret' part of Amil Gaul and Zed. I hate those characters. I've lost all hope in Dumas...but maybe something rewarding will come out of him. I also certainly hate that Jimoto kid, which is the 'hear no evil' part of the trio.

On hold:

Lemon Angel - It seems the subs have stalled or have been canceled :(

Zoids Genesis - I've kinda lost interest in the story and are camping the OST more or less. I'm not really into mech anime much. Probably because they don't show the characters and show the mechs more.

Digimon Savers - It's starting to get annoying in the way the old Digimon got annoying. I thought it would be darker and more adult but it's not really at all. It's the same formula as before too. Useless humans and the Digimon do all the work. Yay for Frontier!

Chouja Reideen - I've just not been in the mood to watch sentai shows, even if they have naked sexy men in them.

Disgaea - Almost in the dropped catagory. It's very uninspiring and now some of the situations have gone into the stupid catagory.

Shimoun - the subber are slow getting this one out, it's still a good series though.


Romance of the Three Kingdoms - All the episodes are the same, some army shows up and the main character slash them to bits, rinse and repeat. :P

Apperntly the top 3 word I use other than the common: 'that' 'have' and 'they' are
:D What a life

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Gakuen Heaven - I sorta like this one. It has a feel to it like Angelique only without the annoying Queen candidates. I think the professor guy and the cute science geek make a great pair.

Ouran High School Host Club - I like the over the top King of the hosts, very...flamboyant. None of the main cast is annoying, though I'm thinkig the story will get stale since it seems to be composed of the ..school. But I've only seen 2 episodes so far. I like the main 'hero' too, not annoying like others would be. Finally a smart 'hero'.

Lemon Angel Project - I don't know why I like this one. It's starts out very trippy but gets more...understandable around ep 2. It's somthing akin to American Idol where they are singing their way in to be the new Lemon Angels since the formers quit.

Zoids Genesis - The BG music to this is amazing! I'm not one for fighting mecha, but the scenery is set in a beach type planet and not the typical city/space backdrops. I must get the OST when someone offers it up. Oh uhm..yeah it has characters in there somewhere, it really reminds me of a game I played, but I can't remember which one.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms - I'm watching this because I WILL become familiar with it!! Since it's in so many games/anime/manga.

.hack//ROOTS - More MMO strangeness goodness. I know the whole Twilight thing put people off because that just doesn't happen in a real MMO, but it's still good. This one takes place in a new rebuilt The World.

Kiba - Strange..interesting? THe naked Wind Elemental is what drew me in..I have to watch more before review, but it looks like a grittier Digimon/Onmyutaisenki

Digimon Savers - Well, the main character is trying to make himself a useful human...just be prepared for more weak females....even though she is the 'Sempai' :(

Chouja Reideen - It's like Microman..it even has Arthur in it (Hishou's voice...the red one)..only they rip of their clothes and become naked after the armor off. It even pokes fun at itself by having insert Shonen-ai re-dubs of certain scenes (Trust me..when you see the scene in the first place your thinking the same thing as the parody..I was...) Typical Sentai series....with naked dudes...naked...mmmmm....How the manager manages to find the same damn outfit over and over is very..interesting..since she usually shows up to 'save the day'. She must by wholesale.

Disgaea - It's an anime based off the game...I shouldn't need to say more. It's got demons and angels...and people from Earth space...named Gordon (Voiced by Edison's voice actor). Which is a parody of Buck Rodgers or something with the "Danger WIll Robinson" robot and Ms. Boobs...that jiggle unscientifically. Oh the angel in this...is an assassin out to kill the kids father...pity he already choked on a dark manju.

Shimoun - After this was mentioned twice by two different people I decided to take a look at it. I like it. Probably because there isn't a stupid guy flying into boobs or walking into showers...or...you know the whole harem anime formula. Also the mechanics are good and the scenery is a bit nostalgic. Defenitly good since it does away with the stupid girls too...or at least in the first episode

Anime I didn't like:
Princess Princess - It's just too ... shonen-ai. It drips it like syrup...which isn't good. It has a lot of pretty boys...but not much else. Even so, certain pretty boys have to dress up as a 'Princess' for all of the other guys... I felt the plot was...wrong..since they HAVE to do the job and are generally forced into it. Kyou Kara Maou is better in this aspect, and also has pretty guys..including Wolfram (Voiced by Izamu's voice actor).

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni - It's suppose to be a detective/suspense/horror anime

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