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Furthur reviews of the anime I'm watching:

Gakuen Heaven - I like the fact they finally brought in the plot, it was getting a bit stale with just tons of shonen-ai and no real direction to it. The characters are still nice, however they seem to have too many characters and a few of them look too similar to other characters.

Ouran High School Host Club - Still funny, though it seems to be chugging towards a stale catagory and I hate Renge! She should have been DAS BOOTed out of there.

.hack//ROOTS - It's making sense in a confused sort of way. I really wish they'd make an anime about an MMO and not an anime that just happens to be on an MMO, because all of this Twilight Key nonsense can't really happen and it kinda makes the anime suck. Though the story itself is good, if you just do away with the MMO part.

Kiba - It really draws you along until about episode 7, then falls off then jumps ahead a bit. The story seems to be good, however it's starting to get a bit muddled and they brought in the "person that knows everything about your summon" which kinda ruined the 'secret' part of Amil Gaul and Zed. I hate those characters. I've lost all hope in Dumas...but maybe something rewarding will come out of him. I also certainly hate that Jimoto kid, which is the 'hear no evil' part of the trio.

On hold:

Lemon Angel - It seems the subs have stalled or have been canceled :(

Zoids Genesis - I've kinda lost interest in the story and are camping the OST more or less. I'm not really into mech anime much. Probably because they don't show the characters and show the mechs more.

Digimon Savers - It's starting to get annoying in the way the old Digimon got annoying. I thought it would be darker and more adult but it's not really at all. It's the same formula as before too. Useless humans and the Digimon do all the work. Yay for Frontier!

Chouja Reideen - I've just not been in the mood to watch sentai shows, even if they have naked sexy men in them.

Disgaea - Almost in the dropped catagory. It's very uninspiring and now some of the situations have gone into the stupid catagory.

Shimoun - the subber are slow getting this one out, it's still a good series though.


Romance of the Three Kingdoms - All the episodes are the same, some army shows up and the main character slash them to bits, rinse and repeat. :P

Apperntly the top 3 word I use other than the common: 'that' 'have' and 'they' are
:D What a life

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