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Busy busy...
Been busy with work and other things. Went to the Comic-con on Sat, picked up some stuff, though it really wasn't all that great...I'm used to workshops and other things to do.
Today I went to Hard Knocks which is sort of a LAN gaming place. They have XBoxes, PS2s, Wiis and stuff and a huge combat area for doing real life counter strike type stuff....

Here's some more beadies I did...2 bracelets, cell strap and earrings

Taile Cell strap with matching earrings
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Sep. 5th, 2007 06:52 pm
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Well here are the pictures of the beadies:

Beadies images )
The first one is the Pumpernickel Night Explorer Earrings with a matching cell phone strap and the second I was just testing out the use of my braid cord and those were the only beads that fit. So I took my DoReMi fairy and made it into a charm.
The seond is a close up of the earrings...

More bead stuff to follow.

In real seems that everyone hates me. Not as in the whole world, but it seems a lot of my friends are begginning to insult me for seemingly no reason. Is there something about me that screams "Hate me hate me!!"? I know that when you meet someone you get a certain vibe from them and I'm just wondering if I'm giving off that vibe....

make more beadies

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Been busy here. My friend has inspired me to create a buisness :D so you will probably be hearing about beads and bracelets and stuff. I might even split up my friends like [ profile] twotone does to be the bead people and the non-bead people.
So in all this I'm coming up with a storyline associated with it...cuz anyone can make beaded things. However mine has a gimmick or something with it.

I'm also working on a novel. Not that I think I am some great author or something, but it's good to get out some of the ideas I have. It's a bit like .hack only LESS confusing since the way you understand .hack is to spoil yourself rotten and then watch it.

Other project are going along good as well.... just so busy...

I updated my template to include a link to "The World of Pumpernickel", it's my friends comic that I think is cool...since it doesn't have angsting pretty boys in it. It has a lot of cute animals and is whimsical. So, if your into cute or whimsical and want to read something like that check it out.

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