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Just got done reading the plays of that shooter guy from VTech. I really don't know why everyone thinks they are so bad other than the fact that they both have a HUGE GRAIN of truth in them. Especially the one called Mr. Brownstone. That one kinda hits close to home. The way the kids win all that money and then the guy gets it taken away from them. Just like out government to it's people, like the employer to the employee, like the rich to the poor, and the government t th rich which are the employers to the employees. How my friend get's a paltry sum of money for welfare while the fatcats in the government are eating $1000 plates of food in foreign countries.
Of course the media and all the sheep are going to say he was disturbed, and wasn't in his right mind and pay no attention to his writings.
He was frustrated and he did the only thing he knew how to do to get results. Since our system is so fucked up that the havenots get screwed and the haves get rewarded. Frustrates me too, though the people I'd be aiming at are political figures so it'd do me no good to get a gun and run down and try and take pop shots... I'd get caught Waaaay before I even go close. Course the frustration is that NOTHING is being done about all the political fuck ups, and we can't vote them out because they have the system rigged. Yarg... so yeah I can see where the kid is coming from. The people without power can do nothing but stand by and watch the people WITH power and money screw up their lives and the planet.

Yeah, anyways, I at least got the jist of what he was trying to say while the media is going to cover it over and say they are SOOOoooo disgusting and heinous. Really the plays are cleaner than a rap song, and the imagery as well.

Course by posting this I've probably burnt down the rainforest for all the flames and fire I'll cause...

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