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Apparently there was a doll convention going on and they had a whole room to themselves for Volks only dolls. It was decorated all peach and white and stuff. ANYways I had apparenty entered the raffle to win the chance to buy and LE Isao (I kept debating on if it was a 45 or a 60 in the dream)for $110 and it was based on Star Wars. He was Darth Vader xD. The $110 was broken up into $100 for him and $10 for something else. They were also selling "Doll Buddies" for $10 which were men they had captured that were into dolls so you could buy them as a companion xD!!!!! They also had a "Doll Buddy" net to get your own. xD!!!! (It looked like an elongated "net hamper" for laundry.)
So, anyways, I had won and I was wondering if they took credit cards, since I left my checkbook at home. (I never carry it with me.) While I was waiting in the peach room, it jumped to where people were waiting on a train to GET BACK to Orlando for the convention. When a train pulled in, everyone got on, and I asked if this was the right train and someone told me that they knew someone who knew this was the right train, I had a feeling it wasn't the right train. I get on and sit down anyways, might as well be lost with all the other doll people. There was only one person that had a doll on the train and they were re-clothing him. (Had a black wig and I remember his sterno-choledial ...cheled-- yeah.. was really..wrong and pronounced (like on MOST dolls I see.)) That's when the dream sort of faded away and I can't remember it. I think I woke up wanting the Isao anyways and didn't care if they took credit or not as I'd negotiate for them to hold it till I could give them the right form of money.

I think I'm more...intrigued by the fact Volks had dolls based on characters from Star Wars than I am at the fact I could get one of their dolls for $110 xD.


Nov. 1st, 2008 10:54 pm
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I dug up this post:
And I wonder..why do I have seven...

After this year I'm going to wonder why I have...12!!!! ...Is that number right?!!
Mang = 1
Ashtan = 2
Megidtz = 3
Sieg = 4
Darren-Dannen = 5
Aelaine = 6
Irustan = 7
? Ni = 8
? Xiao Chi = 9
? K = 10
? Dry = 11
? Leo Roth = 12

-_- These things BREED.....

Bump doll names and dates to the future...

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This is a better picture of the "Egg Yolk" From yesterday that I did with cellphone cam. It's a hard boiled egg yolk xD.
Eyes and mouth are both made from felt (all we had on hand), body is..some kind of yellow yarn, smooth and soft, not hard like the regular yarn you can get for like $1.50 at wal-mart... Stuffed with poly-fil. Time to completeion was around 4 hours from the learning to make intestines to the time to make appenixes to then getting the magic ring (I like to call it a grub as when you pull it closed it looks like a grub or larvae) down then to actually knitting/crocheting...(what's the right word?) the little guy.

Oh you can ignore the naked dude holding the little guy >.> <.<

My friend blames it all on this random person that also was looking at amigurumi books that talked to us in the store xD
Ah well, I learned a new skill...I came home and knitted up a 7 legged face hugger (of of the legs got pulled out before I noticed it was gone) It's more or less a coaster. The "air bags" didn't come out and it was prolly to big but I followed THIS LINK to the pattern. It's cute :D

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Ball of..something

Happy egg yolks and Dannen :D
Mine's on the bottom.
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So I got the apartment rent straigtened away. Honestly if it's beed this long I should just get rent for free.

Seig wanted to get out of his clothes and I was going to change his feet...but they are back to being normal. *Twilight Zone Moment* Normal people would prolly be a bit freaked but my philosophy on life is "That just the way life goes." Dragon appear in the sky, dollies start moving about the house...that's just the way life goes. Nature will never be forced to be "normal" as humans want. As normal is what nature wants. So, if Seig's feet corrected themselves behind my back...that's life.
Now if your going to say that someone broke in and switched his feet...that's a bit...far, as he's the Flexi Domuya that has the toe that's seperate and thus is MUCH harder to switch than say...Darren or the rest. Then again Seig might be doing it himself. It was very emotional when he came to the house.

I'm hoping my wigs get here before the other two do as I don't want bald dollies wandering around (they might get a complex and borrow Megidtz' tribble).

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Mang Ying

Jun. 4th, 2008 05:15 am
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This is more for my own records, but everyone is free to look at this and hurredly move along mumbling to themselves.

Mang, has got to be the most...prominent doll in my collection and I'd say the most "scary"
Scary not at "OMGs burn dolleh!" but the fact that he..'works'. I decided to let Mang sleep on the other side of the bed, just to sort of bond with him....THE DREAMS I had! They were a bit disjointed but felt 'real'. Lest to say when he was sleeping in his regular bed...nothing. Then again when I first got him and made a bed for him that night the room Now, I do magic, but I hadn't done any the time I got him, unless you count "welcoming him" as magic. So..I think Mang in himself is a bit special.
That being said, I've tried to make him feel loved asd not shoved aside as I got the other dolls. Though I've noticed he's a bit sleepy after he does all his dream stuff. last night I left him out in the front room while I wen to sleep for the night, in the morning he was slumped over on his side as if asleep. Now, Mang is pretty stable standing up so... yeah

Doll really do have souls ._____.

I'm going to see if any of the other dolls have "special abilities". So far after I got Van the Deathbringer, bad things would happen and then lots of good would happen. So, I dunno. ._.
I've noticed Darren smiling more, when before he has this :| look on his face. Darren is considered Dannie's doll. They communicate with each other or something in android logic or whatever.

I know, I must have lost my marbles or something.....well they can stay lost. I kind of like this new reality better :3

I'm only hoping the new 44s I got aren't going to piss Mang off. I asked him about it and he felt kind of 'meh do whatever'

Getting out of the Twilight Zone now, I ordered Seig's new string and some eyes for my Threedy doll. I still have to finish D'vor. The 27s are starting to take over my dining room table. So, I have a new Dollfie coming as well. I think he'll be reject hair person as I have all this hair that's left over or has been cut I can root him with. I on;y hope the colors are "AS ADVERTISED" on Volks, as I had problems with their pink..ERR I mean RED eyes...>____>

Mang - Dreamz
Ashtan - Nothing
Megidtz - Complaints of his dead tribble
Seig Van- Nothing?
Darren - Nothing

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Apparrently Ponystars that I recently joined seems to have stolen some art from the artist that does Pony Island for 3 of the breeds. I'm wondering how that is gonna pan out. I hope they change the art, it wouldn't be that hard to make new sprites.

In the meantime however I'll stay with PS, as it's free VS the $24 charge PI want you to cough up.
PonyStars is supported by Micro Transactions like most Asian games are nowadays. Which is easier than P2P.

That's Drevish in the avatar.

Other news, I put my posters into it ART. I even used the crappy insert as a matte since it was black.

I picked up some acrylic gloss and are going to compare it with this ModgePodge gloss stuff I have to see which will give me a nice high gloss that my nail enamel is giving me for my dolls. YES, I'm using nail polish on vinyl! I know some doll people out there CRINGE when you use stuff like that, prolly cuz it might eat the vinyl. They never say sometimes. This has alcohol in it though which is a different problem as that is what is used to CLEAN the faceup off. I've had a few problems with it before even on a MSC sealed face as it cleaned the paint off. :| So this stuff...hopefully it is what I need.

I see my Kaj bot has been twittering for me. I'm gonna try to liven it up a bit so it's not so boring :D.
Who is Kaj? Kaj Daentalus is a character from my hacked up (butchered) canon story Microman universe. So he's the AM-1X (Acro-Monster blah blah blah) long story behind him, however that butcherverse (xD!!) is also responsible for my new website I hope to open soon :D

I do so love to live in my head ^-^ it's full of pretty men and impossibilities.

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May. 25th, 2008 11:12 pm
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I've been roaming around the net again trying not to buy any more dolls seeing as how FIVE seem to have magically appeared in my home. I swear they came up from the ground or something.
However I have been drawn to the OrientDoll Vampire IL and was wondering if they do head swaps since the vampire head is the same price as the regular IL head. Then again I'm not looking forward to the shipping from overseas as it's usually $40 to $80 depending. So tack that onto the final price. So, I'll currently looking to see if they have a US distributor....which most of these places don't. Prolly want exclucivity or something. I'm hoping someone picks up Nobility Dolls...I want a Good Feel Papilla plus other bits.

I've also been looking around to other online doll groups as I found all the forums I want to be a part of, however haven't had too much luck looking for LJ ones that's are focused on dolls I actually Obitsu, maybe I'm typing in the wrong thing. I've also been looking at to see if there were any Orlando people, and I did meet some at JACON, of them never got back to me. I don't think I left a very good impression since I was so quiet. I don't know what doll people like to talk about since none of ther conversation went to dolls and the ones that did were about stuff that happened on DoA. Which I still adamantly refuse to join.

My friend wants a doll now X_X She wants to heavily mod a Bobobie Weylin into a fox. I'm not opposed to her, however I do feel guilty bringing mine over and kind of...poking her with them. Not that I was telling her that she should ever get one, other than the 27s However them just being there probably did something. :(

Then again...why do I have 5!
I only planned for...2 at most... and I'm feeling sorry for Darren, who is the last to join the family as I feel he is being neglected love :(. Then again, he doesn't talk or emote much at all.... except to my servitor >_>

In other news I saw the new Indy Jones....that movie has interdimentional plot holes you could drive Death Stars through!
Also saw the trailer to Hellboy II, which is directed by del Toro, which looked freakishly awesome. I loved his work on Pan's Labyrinth and the trailer looked like it had his style to it as well. I just love how the Hellboy character LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE the comic book image. And I know it's not overly CGed to hell and Indy Jones...where the CG was just so bad in spots I cringed.

Put up Magidtz's unboxing and Seig's unboxing on appropriate forums.
Give Sueno MOAR and better hair than the crappy job I did...and maybe a better face up too....poor dollfie...he still Caramelldansens away his cares though.

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Yeppers Im bloggin from Jacon... *inserts crickets*

I really can't say this con actually is....any good. The dealer's room is a mishmash of traditional Asian culture items (made in china), DVDs and hentai girl statues. I did find one Microman figure but it was an Acroyear so I passed. So the dealer's room was kinda lame. Artist's alley is kinda lame too, only that so many people are selling the same things. Cat bells on ribbons, cat ears and tails. There's very few tables with anything good.
The only good thing was I was invited to come to the DoA meeting for "us" dolly people. *snicker* I didn't tell anyone else I wasn't a member other than the leader person, but I don't think she cared since it seems that random doll people were asked. Though it does seem that after you get a BJD that you MUST join DoA :| Yeah I'm going to avoid that since DoA isn't REALLY a ABJD forum...13Doll is. Actually 13Doll is more than just ABJDs and that's what makes it better.

Anyways going to the doll meet was fun and seeing what people did with them was pretty cool...and I got shots of doll porn xD Poor Ashtan was so shy :X, though everyone wondered about his blue color :D. I drug Megidtz around the dealers room. But yeah...I did pretty much the same thing at Megacon though I seem to have more fun.
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LJ seems a bit wierd, some posts appeared that weren't there before from some peeps and another user's posts went from the mandatory LJ-cut to public again...Maybe I wasn't logged in or something...I hate it if it logged me out...

Anyways some pic updates on stuff:
Read more... )
First one, Mang Ying, with his Executive Pocky
Read more... )
Second one, Ashtan Apollo, and I thought I was to Mang...(hiding the garbage in the BG) What garbage o.o
Read more... )
THIRD one, Megidtz Siffer Alstair III (number completely made up on the spot) Obitsu or Megidtz Obitsu for short with Limited Edition One of a Kind Custom face up (yeah I did that -_-;;;)
Fourth AND LAST (for a while) on the way....

Mang (Dollzone Ying - Factory face-up, Dollzone outfit, Dollzone wig) is into spread sheets and business, a bit jealous of Ashtan and the others but after Megidtz, he's mellowing out. Loves Zidel (My friend's 27 Obitsu who is going to be a wolf/fox/cat/animal boy whatever she decides) and is persuading him to go into the hair care business.

Ashtan Apollo (Bobobie Apollo - factory face-up, KK Workshop shirt, hand me down pants, Dollzone boots, hand me down hat, mini handcuffs, ElfDoll wig) is a quiet sort that is scared of humans, however likes Mang despite mang's slight hatred and loves his new brother Megidtz. He is slowly coming out of his shell and was put into some shock after losing his lower limbs to a stringing accident (and had to be entirely restrung). Looks forward to the next additions to the family.

Megidtz Siffer Alstair III Obitsu (Obitsu 55boy, default head, custom face-up. Currently wearing a quickie robe from remnants, Monique Gold Buttercup wig - green) a bit of a troublemaker and a bit curious. Wants attention and thus has an outlandishly long name. Seems to be a bit offstandish from his brothers but probably needs more time.

Anyways the fourth one coming is a secret!

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I adhered to the strike of not posting on Fri. wether it does any good or not. It's me saying a message.

What started out as a research project for the story..I should say novel..aim high... seems to have...moved in a direction I'm not sure I'm confortable with. The basics of this research were ball jointed dolls, since I have...a few in my story. "No problem I said, I'll just buy one to see how they work.." So after gaining much advice from [ profile] twotone I set about on my quest, and was met with sore disappointment as BJDs, the REAL BJDs go for around $500 for the resins and $240 for the vinyls. I cried a little inside, I expected them to be pricey...but not THAT pricey considering people usually have like..3 ore more of them lurking around...
:X Minor Quest set back... I thought... I don't really need one of those big ones I'll just grab on of the smaller ones and compare the two and alter my art accordingly. This is after I probed Twotone's library of links provided and found Parabox which seemed to have smaller doll parts for something more affordable and different than Barbie and Ken. (I did think of Volks but I had always had this image in my mind that they were SUPER expensive... Which..isn't true right now..) I should say at this point that Parabox is an Obitsu distributor...what does that mean..they are a competitor for Volks, so you can compare the two now. I honestly like the Parabox layout than Volks as they more or less tell you EXACTLY what you are buying, while Volks seems to have "mystery meat" navigation for their doll lines. That being, Parabox has "27cm Male" for the body description which..well is what you are getting and Volks goes for the "Dollfie", "Super Dollfie", Dollfie Dream" kind of links that leave you wondering what they exactly are. (The prices were a BIG hint to me.)
ANYWAYS, on with the quest. I didn't check Volks first as I was saying from this image in my mind I didn't think they had what I wanted, so Parabox it was. I ordered a doll with parts that fit the description of what my character was in my mind. *click click* Shipped :D Yaaaaay stuff from Japan.

So, I thought it was over... )

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Mar. 17th, 2008 07:43 pm
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Was reading [ profile] twotone's journal about LiveJournal and ads. Thus it made me go out on a hunt across the web and came across:
Which is a Stylish script as well a GreaseMonkey script to remove the text links that say Advertisement and such.
You might see them initially as it works after the fact and should be used in conjunction with AdBlock Plus to remove the ads on this site as well as any other site that decided to use ads.
(My political position is anti-ads, I don't care if your company doesn't make money...because that shows me your company isn't creative. Enough is enough...)

In other news, I've "quit" playing Granado Espada. The faction I was in went though some trouble thus I left, and the friends I had have grown distant and segregated themselves from me. So, lonely in the game. I still leave my dudes to level up when I'm at work and such however I'm not really playing the game. I'm playing Mabinogi now whenever I get a chance. It has the WoW quest hook in it as well as a cool crafting system.

I've also started working on my thesis again...I've gotten 2 costumes done and have about 3 more to do and then my visual element will be completed.

I've also gotten a good grasp on the story I've wanted to write, ordered one of "those Japanese dolls". An Obitsu bodied guy that I'm going to make into the main character. He's currently naked :( I'll probably make the other main characters as well to get a finalized grasp of what they look like.

I survived Megacon...yes that is good news indeed.

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