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This dream was a combination of Pokemon and probably ShinMegami Tensei. All I remember is that you started off with a starter summon that evolved and went through these dungeon levels, though to get furthur and furthur you needed to breed your summons, and the lower the levels the freakier it got, you had to foight battles against fire monster using only your fire monster. Or fight a hard battle by using the men in black characters that would wander in on the bottom of the screen and you quickly had to give them one order or they'd leave. Higher battle got down to gods VS gods and characters started coming out.. (I guess that's where the plot was) Also the higher the level number the more human the summons became.

This segwayed into another dream where all the summons were human, and you had to force them into your party by basically controlling thier brains... Of course the non-controlled ones killed the controlled ones to put them out of their misery...and kill the humans that did it to them.

Another program was this sci-fi/ fantasy MMO that was compared to Warcraft, but had screen tilt for when your character starts to run to make it more dramatic. It really didn't look much like WoW.... Another dream was these races, one made this gyro thing way up in the sky, however the gryro was rusted and didn't spin, I was spinning the gyro and my companion was telling me to stop or it'd get broken and the whole thing would come down, I told him that it couldn't come down as the gyro wasn't working in the first place. The gyro spun too fast and I slipped only clinging onto the gyro for a little bit before falling towards the other country of people who didn't like us. However I was caught before hitting the ground...

Another part was this boy who was a survivor of some battle thing that happened that knew this one chick. It was insinuated that HE killed her or something... he was angry and trying to get this pod running whn one of the other characters shot him in the back, he was being rushed to the hospital as his face was changing into a more reptile face. All I heard was his thoughts as he woke up (had yellow eyes, dark blue skin, funny nose..) "I like the other Nebby..." Then he just kept saying "Nebby Nebby" was supposed to be a TV program or something I think Nebby was actually to woman's name and we were to infer that he helped Nebby when she got killed and ended up..becoming her or something to keep her memory alive...

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Wow, I had some cool dreams, and as dreams I'll place them in what I think the order was
The first parts I can remember were like monster training like digimon/pokemon/onmyou taisenki, everyone who was a monster battler person inherits/gets their first monster from family or friends...they never capture it. I/my avatar had inherited hers through myterious means. He was Heian era (like Fujiwarano Sai from Hikaru no Go), but he had white wings he could produce. My avatar didn't like him and never used him, preferring to fight the battles by herself until she come to a convention/banquet where he has to be present.She grudginly summons him at the time of events and even is sleeping at the time of one of the events, the master has to be present (not awake just present) and he carries her to their spot. After seeing the main coordinator of the convention's suummon which was this black angel guy with 6 wings, she slowly come to like-love her own summon. I think this comes from watching Tactics and reading about Digimon. But it actually sounds like a cool story.
the first second? involved Microman, not so much as actually being there, but as a comparison. It also involved MicroBry by name (I never really see real people's faces too well...unless they have died..) He's the one that handed me this manga that was titled Betterman (something) and had NOTHING to do with Betterman, but was about micro-heroes fighting. All I remember is that the main character looked like a cross between Arthur and Oding from the comics, a military face with short blue hair wearing red armor. I also remember that this was the new genre at the time (Microlike heroes) and was competeing against Microman. (Like Digimon vs. Pokemon vs. all the rest) I made me feel excited. I think this comes from the manga link [ profile] rockettubes handed me on his blog that's now on the TakaraHobby site on the new, new new! Microman manga. Lest to say the Betterman story went from really exciting to guys playing basketball and the good parts not happening for some time. I think the basketball is from the Berryz Koubou video I've been watching.
The last was truly messed up. It involved my family having money and being involved with a rich/Angelique type setting. It even had all the guys (stereotypes like..the blonde one..) moving around. I was to learn high society and snag one of them. However I had little interest for any of them, since I was pining for Mr. Summon from dream one. (Which is the first time one dream has persisted in another.) It included a black entertainer and someone that could have been my grandmother, he was going to start the music and she was commenting on the history and like (as liking something) of the music to him before he could start. There was also a cat, I seemed to be the only one the cat liked, and I only liked to hang out with the cat. The cat's name was Chester...and I KNOW I've heard that cat name before. (Looks around at LJ peeps) However it wasn't the original name of the cat that was younger when the dream switched to my home. This cat was avoiding everyone and hiding in closets...this dream ends the dreaming as I'm carrying the cat into the bathroom for a bath and discovering the bathroom is filled with crap (I think it was clothing and bedding stuff) hanging from the shower rail and in the bathtub....

Anyways that ends my little journey into the bizarre... I think I might want to change my Thesis now to something more Micro-ized. Don't know how that will work...

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