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Well I went to the store not to long ago and bought some stuff...and it cost me $70!! I was like WTF to the cashier lady. Sure enough it was right...and I didn't BUY that much, just a 24 roll of toilet paper, fishy filters, Pepsi, summer sausage, welcome mat, 2 toys and that's it! And those toys cost me around $20 for the two of them... W・T・F ヽ(`д´)ノ!!! It seriously pisses me off that everthing is so damn expensive...I mean TOILET PAPER should NOT be an arm and a leg to buy!! >:E!!!!!!!!! and stuff

Texture stuff...

[ profile] shadowblade3000 was kind enough to help me get past Frost Gate (I so happy) so I'll soon be in Lion's Arch, where the action happens. Though I did find it kinda strange that he was fighting with a candy cane bow o_O. At least the monsters didn' try to eat it. I did look for Nightfall when I went to get groceries, but it was an empty shelf. If I can't find the game at Best Buy tomorrow I might buy an online account. I guess Guild Wars is still popular, despite everyone nay saying it...

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