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Diddy Kong Racing DS: Much different than Mario Kart, it has an adventure mode wich is the story mode. You also have 6 icons to work with instead of 1. However it's also more painstaking to create an icon as you don't have stencils or a grid. To get a starting boost you spin the wheel at the bottom of the screen... There are also 3 vehicles the hovercraft, plane and car that you can explore the Adventure Mode with, which is interesting in itself. Up to 3 people can also be on one card since there are 3 different save slots.

Pokemon Ranger: Pokemon Ranger is better than I expected, there's an actual story it seems and the missions are built in such a way that you can collect other pokemon that are not mission specific that are around. I haven't gotten too far in it, however the skitty quest was pretty cool.

Yu-Gi-Oh Spirit Caller: Getting past the horrible names they picked for this new crop of characters, from the little I've played of it, it seems to be more story driven than just going around and beating the people behind the icons. I'll have to play more of it.

Children of Mana: This seems to be a semi-solid typical mana game, go around, beat up Rabis collect stuff and get to the next level. I died on the first dungeon though ;.;

Electroplankton: box is kinda a bit..lame...I'm going to have fun with maybe 2 or 3 different plankton however you can't combine plankton as they made it seem. Since however I have a line in cord and a WAV recorder, I can have fun saving my pieces to my HD and sharing them.

Pokemon: Trozei: A fun yet sometimes frustrating puzzle game that is super easy to play, almost too easy. The difficulty comes in when your trying to capture unique pokemon that will only stay on the screen for a short period of time..and of course the dittos never do want you want them to do.

Hamsterz Life: I'm still trying to figre this one out. I don't know how to get new hamster items since it plays like Nintendogs, I was hoping I enter Tungsten into a contest or something to get monies..however there are no contests. Yay for talking hamsters that want tea xD.

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker: Japanese is NOT my strong suit. Still trying to blunder around the world and figure out what to do. The only sad fact of an RPG is understanding the text. The game is in 3D for those that were wondering, and it seems to be a cooler take on the GBC and GBA game/s. However I STILL do not Toriyama art.

FFIII: Wow, this game makes me wonder how far off the beaten path they went from the original. I don't see why people say this game is hard. I guess I grew up with REAL Final Fantasies and know "how to play them". (Basically level your dudes up before rushing off to the next level).

Tao's Adventure, Pokemon Pearl - Reviews forthcoming. I haven't gotten too far with these other than Tao's adventure feels a little like Azure Dreams.

NTS: Don't update Semagic when the bars are in the right spots.....
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Nov. 4th, 2005 10:12 am
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EDIT: If no ones guessed it yet, Final Fantasy 4-6 is being released on the least in Japan it is...

Well, Vystar for some reason has decided to increase my credit A LOT, and no thanks to [ profile] shadowblade3000 I boogie on over to the Nintendo site, to my horror... DDR Mario, thus my mind spins into over drive of....I can afford this game...I must NOT buy this....I must control myself.... However thanks to the growing number of Mario Kart DS screenies and Movies....I want to move towards a DS....move Quickly...

OMGSSSZZZZzzzzz A boy and his blob!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED that game!!!! (The new character designs though are HID-EEE-OUSSS)
Also, Dragon Quest Monsters is announced...
Slime Morimori Dragon Quest?
Finald Fantasy Crystal Chonicles.....FOR DS
Secret of mana

SQUEE, so many games.....


DS $130 PSP $250
Electro Plankton
Dragon Quest Monsters
Slime Morimori
Phoenix Wright
Trauma: Under the knife
Animal Crossing
ShyGuy KartMario Kart
Lunar Dragon Song
Mario & Luigi 2
Rockman.EXE Battle Network 5
Zoo Keeper
Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow
Advance Wars
Ys Ark of the Nepshim
Legend of Heroes
Generation of Chaos
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