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BOOYA! I got Alfonzo's Super Centurion Armor like I promised him! I've been away from Granado Espada for a while, but I did promise my Reboldeux Soldier I'd get it for him when it came out. All he's missing now is the hat :3. (That's in a nother update I bet).

I spam this image and cause you Journals to so many of you do to me ;):

IN other news, Japan has been upgraded to 3.0 or Granado Espada PLUS....which means the Auch Infantry FINALLY GOT A VOICE!
It's kind of HOT too!

In other other other news... I also play City of Heroes/Villians now :3 It's better than I expected. It's like a one player game...only NOT.

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I want to get these reasons out here where the thread won't become locked after insults are hurled at people.
Reasons why I left Squishy:
Squishy no longer focuses on fun. It used to be that Squishy was fun, however now it seems that it's all about the mission, if your not Vet or have tons of Elites...your not welcome.
I remember the JellyPirates level 51 quest...EVERYONE was asked to come..level 1's, Vets, people who's armor was tissue paper... Why? Because EVERYONE was important... for the Squishy 51 quest...only the Vets were asked to come...and the 52 quest that follow...on the people that mattered were ressed. Thanks for killing the FUN...
Of course after this a message was posted to the forum about it...and the responses of some Squishys was downright rude and insulting...we were considered worthless to them.
To top it all off those that couldn't be online much were considered bottom of the barrel. They weren't going to get anything from the faction and everyone got their Elites the 'hard earned' way and thus YOU had to do it that way too... no looking out for other faction member..every dog for themself. (Hard earned meaning raiding and 'just being lucky')

So to Squishy...I'm worthless....
Not only that..only two people PMed me about leaving... wow... I feel the love there..thus no one cared if I was there or not. I'd be willing to go back there if their attitude changed however I doubt they will...they want to be as power mongering as the other clans...

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Dear LiveJournal...... :<

The whole mess with the Mizrahi...von Kaihms is grinding into my "freedom". I play the world of Granado Espada to escape from this reality and my job and all that. Now it seems that that world is becoming hostile too. I seek to escape it as well.

It's not Moa's fault, well it is however the rest of it was up to me. I could have logged off at any time. Though I've gone in too deep now. I tried to set up a dinner party. I think that's how they do things during that time period. I'll have guards there if knives are drawn. I'm having weapons checked at the door, so if there is violence it's only a punch or something.

I want that "storyline" over really. Hearing those two lament about each other makes me want to smack them both and shout "grow up!"

I guess this is the first sign when dreams are becoming reality. Not only that, more families are getting involved with us.
The DeAshallanset...I always think I spell that wrong..maybe I do...
I really have no clue about them other than their scout is a playboy....he ###### me off as much as he excites me.
The Tashigero.... They seem cool...Blue is mostly talking with them, or doing whatever. I don't pry into his affairs. They seem the least messed up out of the families. Their 'storyline' seems cut and dry...rather than the von Kaihms which gives me a headache whenever I think about it. Higen I'll admit is cute..he'd make a good plushie in this world.
The Gavirati while not as complex as the Kaihms/Mizarhi seem to be more complex than the Tashi. Oz seems alright. After Jurah I needed to clear my head...pity he just seemed to be around. I hate to have led him on like that. What can I's how I was raised. People in this world and in the GE world are messed in their thinking. Back in the Akudan it was simple.

Then there's this...Ciato guy *snicker*... He's driving me away from GE even faster than the rest of them. I just want to stab him. However I feel that GE is more than a game and "NPC guards rush you" is going to be more than just camping outside the town for a few hours before they "forget" I killed anyone.
If this was more of a game I'd do just that...however it seems I have to play by their rules. :<

I hope something new happens...I hope the dinner party happens. I still don't have a grasp of the time of GE so I hope when I plan the party is when people show up. All the families listed are invited.....Even Cialis..I mean Ciato xD

Stop going crazy planning this dinner in a world that shouldn't exist
Meet with Jurah

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Here are some of my adventures playing Granado Espada 90% poses....

First Mission you ever do is the Crate Octopi mission....aren't they Cuuuuuuute!
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