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Well I went to the store not to long ago and bought some stuff...and it cost me $70!! I was like WTF to the cashier lady. Sure enough it was right...and I didn't BUY that much, just a 24 roll of toilet paper, fishy filters, Pepsi, summer sausage, welcome mat, 2 toys and that's it! And those toys cost me around $20 for the two of them... W・T・F ヽ(`д´)ノ!!! It seriously pisses me off that everthing is so damn expensive...I mean TOILET PAPER should NOT be an arm and a leg to buy!! >:E!!!!!!!!! and stuff

Texture stuff...

[ profile] shadowblade3000 was kind enough to help me get past Frost Gate (I so happy) so I'll soon be in Lion's Arch, where the action happens. Though I did find it kinda strange that he was fighting with a candy cane bow o_O. At least the monsters didn' try to eat it. I did look for Nightfall when I went to get groceries, but it was an empty shelf. If I can't find the game at Best Buy tomorrow I might buy an online account. I guess Guild Wars is still popular, despite everyone nay saying it...

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I was hoping to post this with LJTalk but considering it keeps crashing on my system ;.;:

Negima?!- Not to be confused with Mahou Sensei Negima, even though they have the same characters... Not a trace of fanservice in sight..or at least for the first episode. The storyline seems to be cool, even though not much happened in the first episode...might watch more.

Pumpkin Scissors - Did I do PumpSciss yet? Well after watching more episodes, it seems to be an awesome anime with a smart female lead, a clevr and curious glasses type and of course the large loveable puppy dog Orlando. Focuses less on military stradegy and what doing what (like what Gundam does) and more on the characters themselves.

Shounen Onmyouji - Finally GOOD subs. This seems to be a standard shonen faire and if you've seen Onmyou Taisenki, it has a similar beat to it, only less fighting of people and more fighting of nasty things..soo farr. Might even be shounen-ai...

Code Geass - It looks like it might be yet another Gundam Seed with Lelouch and Suzaku going after each other on opposite sides. Very strange, though not as complex as Gundam is with it's actual military layouts and stuff.

I got Mav past the first CoP missions that suck when you do the crags. So it's a big event in Mav's life. I can finally work to move the storyline on. I'm planning on getting The complete Vana'diel collection on Tues. It's one big DVD, a plus and it also has Treasures of Aht Urgan on it, which I don't have yet. I'm at level 37 WHM (still) and level 32 BLM, which I've come a bit of a ways...

I'm so frustrated with this game right now. The healer hench keeps getting herself killed and then the whole mission is then lost. I really wish I had people to play with in here that don't run off and die... Anyways I'm still trying to complete Prophcies, since Factions is  AND Nightfall or..whatever it's called is also out, I'm so far behind... ;.; I'm currently stuck on the Frost Gate mission. I got the Bonusdon though... >.>

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