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I think that's how Colonel says it with accent in my musics folder...

OK so I got Megaman BN 5 Double Team, the dubbing is WORSE than expected... whenever I go to shoot my chip, it sounds like Mega is both on steroids and constipated and trying to drop a turd.... Oy Vey!! (Only thing my mind is giving as a response) I can only think the Japanese verion is MUCH better since Rock and Netto are both voiced by women and SOUND LIKE KIDS, instead of....try out for a boy band (which aren't boy sounding at all). I only hope Colonel doesn't sound bad, since his Japanese voice is man-lay! (in a GOOOOOOD way). Then again I HAVE been watching all of Rockman.Exe Axess in a Marathon-like fashion.

And now for the NEWS of Mario Kart DS. I both have and have played it online. And got 40 points which is a PERFECT ^^. Basically for WiFi play you select Regional or Worldwide or Friends, then it looks for 4 opponents, if there aren't 4 opponents you can't play...yeah... Then you have to play 4 tracks at 3 laps each. Not too bad... The WiFi set-up was a breeze and worked although it seems to NOT work when you have the AC in at the same time. Also I beat out Mario WITH Luigi. So..yeah... Luigi power!!

EDIT: I also want to add that my premontion was right and that the US was being "messed over" as a testing grounds for Japan, the WiFi service is experiencing difficulties and the whole Nintendo sites are having problems with logins...

Geez Quarters over already.
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