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Using the Candybar Doll Maker (link),make a doll of me from what you remember of my looks, (or how YOUpicture me), and post it here in the comments. Once you've posted here,ask the same in your own journal and see what your friends think youlook like!!!

(click on the HTML button under the candy doll once you're finished to copy & paste it here)

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As for me moving out of the dorms, it's financially impossible. It's not a scholarship it's a loan and if I don't live on campus then either all the money or no money... :( Homicide is still illegal right?

C++ calss is going alright, I made a stupid hi/lo game, I really must add more insults to it because I hate the "You guessed wrong, go higher" etc. Currently mine says "Loser! Too High/Low!" I plan on adding another variable that keeps track of the guesses so it can say "You suck X times loser!!" Or if the person over guesses (guess 'greater than'20) it'll say something. Wahahahahaaa. Though I don't see why the students in the former classes failed for doing all the research together. Code is code really: cout "output message" endl; it's either that or it isn't.

Anyways, I've started collecting these stupid Hatching Eggs, one has already hatched. One is going to hatch. (Ok maybe they aren't stupid but I feel stupid for being a meme freak... ¬_¬ 'sides the fox thing is cute...I have chosen wisely!)

FFXI is in suckitude, my video card is no longer being supported thus I had to upgrade, then the company wouldn't send it out since the shipping and billing don't match... I hate all this goddamn security, can't get anything at college now. Oh well, a better deal came along and I left a negative for the other people...wahahaha!

Get a new video card.
Get C++ book

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