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After my last "happy post" all I really wanted to say was:

I am doing it for fun. Just for fun. Once you start making it into a job, it ceases to really be fun. You start to worry about how your doing it and the mistakes your making, then it doesn't become fun anymore. Some mistakes need to be corrected, typos and such. However the rest is just left to fun. If someone wants to make it into a professional endevor...I'm not for it...

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Well my new computer arrived so I've been setting it up over the past few days. Trying to get my windows to migrate and finally I manged to make it work. Yes it IS possible to totally upgrade you computer and keep Weenders. You just plop in the CD choose to "upgrade" to XP abnd then shut the computer down and proceed with the silicon surgery. Then boot it up and viola it will set everything up and make windows work and you don't lose anything. Though it will reset some settings like Windows Annoyer.

Anyways in other news I'm working on two project.
I'm currently making available Chiisana Kyojin Microman! Yes I do think I did say I got a full set. I'm encoding it and throwing it up on Tokyo Toshokan for anyone who want to watch it or sub it. (PLEASE SUB IT)

I'm also working with the very same person that provided me my DVD with the episodes on it to do a manga translation! Weww weww! So finally I'll be able to read these books that I've had for YEARS now!!!

excited I am.


Jul. 26th, 2007 06:46 pm
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I really need to update, I've just been busy with stuff lately I haven't had time to sit down and write it all out like my trip to Vermont, yay s'mores, and a bunch of other things.

Some things of note:
Microman (manga) is finally being translated so I can finally READ it! Reading back over it now, I can understand it better and better...yay watching too much anime.

Microman (anime) I have a complete set of everything Weww weww! Movie included. I'm chucking it up on Tokyo TOshokan to hopefully be subbed.

Harry Potter 7: Everyone seems to want to spoil it for I'll probably be staying off the net for a while.
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Well, I might consider myself lucky, I randomly did a search for the Microman Assqassin Force and came to HLJ, where the whole set was on sale! So for about $22 plus whatever shiping is...hopefully they won't rape me out the ass on that, I'll have Shouma and friends! Which makes me wonder if they were shoved into the manga that was going on... I haven't heard any news about that line. I'm not sure what they did to kill it this time. Maybe they were doing the same old-sameold like they did witht he 99 line, however that one WAS the SAMW OLD same in same molds and everything. I really want the entires episodes of that anime however. I only have the first 22 episodes and even then, not all that good.

Of course you can't mention Microman without mentioning Transformers. I've gotten involved in what I'd call an "online play". Some would call it a Alternate Reality Game or what not. Bascially it similar to the ilovebees thing where sector seven has a site and from various clues from trailers and ads youcan "hack" the website. These clues of course being provided by the character Agent X. Youcan also join a forum called stop sector seven, which says sector seven is evil, and from the trailers, they MUST be evil! or something...
Anyways it's a diversion away from the realinternet and allows you to wort of become an RPG character in the new Movie Universe in his half-internet, half-reallife thing.
What I like most about it is that it's a FICTION, that you don't take too seriously. Unlike other ARRPGs where there is VERY LITTLE between real and unreal and some people can get spooked out thinking EVERYTHING is part of the game...
What I find funny is the 1983 "contract" that sector seven and Takara signed to make the toys... WHICH I point to the Microman side...since Megatron comes from the Microchange Luger... tee hee.

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Well another day another year :|

I was really hoping i could get the Microman RoadSpartan -, but looking through eBay i didn't see ANY except for Thunder and his arm&leg shipping cost....Oh well, I guess I'll live without it....I still have Assassin Force to look forward to missing...
What is with people and shipping costs now a days... It seems everyone wants to scalp you on it.. :(

Get ready for a long ass week....I hope my fishies are going to be OK...
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Cuz [ profile] twotone said make a wish based on my Geekery....

So here goes...

The entire Microman RoadSpartan set, If I really had to choose I'd ditch the gril...If I REALLY REALLY had to choose.. I'd go with Ryuu and Road Python followed by Thunder and then Kaito...
The TRUs Microman exclusive- Falcon and Manon set (I had dreams about him last night.... >.>)
A New Red Version Nintendo DS (That comes wit ha game for none extra I think...)
3 Months worth of gametime for FFXI (which they don't sell...bastards..)
Large Box (The larger the better ^_^) of Wal-Mart Jack Links Beef Jerky

Join the battle!
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Ya know I'm getting sick of Final Fantasy Advent Children's like:
It's like geez shut up until you have the actual thing...
So yeah I'm al movied back in and stuff....
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I feel sad now...:'(

EDIT: It makes me even more sad when people don't tell me my font tags are broken...

Tactics 10
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I haven't been up to much, been lazing around and collecting fat..:(
It's bothering me that I dropped $20 down for my Microman, it's the card I'm not supposed to be using...and I dropped another $13 on it in groceries. I can explain away the lunch and the groceries, but the Microman don't go away so easily. I guess I could argue I was there they were there and if I didn't buy them then I wouldn't have gotten a chance to buy them again. However these things can be dropped into the frivolous catagory and I shouldn't have spent so much on Saint Seiya, Digimon and Pirates cards|minture card things. However I paid cash for those. I might just take a nip of the extra air ticket money to plop on it, since that's going to be spending money anyways...which would prolly go to buy more frivlous things like video games, microman and my little ponies...and more Pirates cards ship things.
I should say that I'm not good with money when I have it, I do know to QUIT spending on credit cards...but it seems ONLY when I'm at home and ONLY if Microman isn't involved. No I don't look up Microman on E-bay, I know I'd have a complete Micro-Earth on the other half of my room...
I was thinking of SELLING on E-bay however, some AECO's that I drew...AECO being Art ESOmething Card Originals or however the letters go.
I've also taken up watching Pretty Cure and GPX Cyber Formula. I watched an episode of Double One and like the feel of it I do like the fact that Hayato isn't an instant winner, that he suddenly gets ahold of himself and zooms to the #1 spot. As for Pretty Cure...I giggle everytime they say Pissard's name...and for good reason...*snerk* I'm looking to the OP/ED to both these series' but alas I don't know of any good MP3zorz websites or animeMP3 IRC channels.

I think I'm going to make this my current episode list as I'm got lots to do, however I keep forgetting which episode I watched here's the start of the list:
GPX 11: 2
GPX: 2
Pretty Cure: 2
Black Jack: 18 current
Saint Seiya: 48
Digimons: all current
Kappa: 19

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