May. 25th, 2008 11:12 pm
maverynthia: (Mang)

I've been roaming around the net again trying not to buy any more dolls seeing as how FIVE seem to have magically appeared in my home. I swear they came up from the ground or something.
However I have been drawn to the OrientDoll Vampire IL and was wondering if they do head swaps since the vampire head is the same price as the regular IL head. Then again I'm not looking forward to the shipping from overseas as it's usually $40 to $80 depending. So tack that onto the final price. So, I'll currently looking to see if they have a US distributor....which most of these places don't. Prolly want exclucivity or something. I'm hoping someone picks up Nobility Dolls...I want a Good Feel Papilla plus other bits.

I've also been looking around to other online doll groups as I found all the forums I want to be a part of, however haven't had too much luck looking for LJ ones that's are focused on dolls I actually Obitsu, maybe I'm typing in the wrong thing. I've also been looking at to see if there were any Orlando people, and I did meet some at JACON, of them never got back to me. I don't think I left a very good impression since I was so quiet. I don't know what doll people like to talk about since none of ther conversation went to dolls and the ones that did were about stuff that happened on DoA. Which I still adamantly refuse to join.

My friend wants a doll now X_X She wants to heavily mod a Bobobie Weylin into a fox. I'm not opposed to her, however I do feel guilty bringing mine over and kind of...poking her with them. Not that I was telling her that she should ever get one, other than the 27s However them just being there probably did something. :(

Then again...why do I have 5!
I only planned for...2 at most... and I'm feeling sorry for Darren, who is the last to join the family as I feel he is being neglected love :(. Then again, he doesn't talk or emote much at all.... except to my servitor >_>

In other news I saw the new Indy Jones....that movie has interdimentional plot holes you could drive Death Stars through!
Also saw the trailer to Hellboy II, which is directed by del Toro, which looked freakishly awesome. I loved his work on Pan's Labyrinth and the trailer looked like it had his style to it as well. I just love how the Hellboy character LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE the comic book image. And I know it's not overly CGed to hell and Indy Jones...where the CG was just so bad in spots I cringed.

Put up Magidtz's unboxing and Seig's unboxing on appropriate forums.
Give Sueno MOAR and better hair than the crappy job I did...and maybe a better face up too....poor dollfie...he still Caramelldansens away his cares though.

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