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I adhered to the strike of not posting on Fri. wether it does any good or not. It's me saying a message.

What started out as a research project for the story..I should say novel..aim high... seems to have...moved in a direction I'm not sure I'm confortable with. The basics of this research were ball jointed dolls, since I have...a few in my story. "No problem I said, I'll just buy one to see how they work.." So after gaining much advice from [ profile] twotone I set about on my quest, and was met with sore disappointment as BJDs, the REAL BJDs go for around $500 for the resins and $240 for the vinyls. I cried a little inside, I expected them to be pricey...but not THAT pricey considering people usually have like..3 ore more of them lurking around...
:X Minor Quest set back... I thought... I don't really need one of those big ones I'll just grab on of the smaller ones and compare the two and alter my art accordingly. This is after I probed Twotone's library of links provided and found Parabox which seemed to have smaller doll parts for something more affordable and different than Barbie and Ken. (I did think of Volks but I had always had this image in my mind that they were SUPER expensive... Which..isn't true right now..) I should say at this point that Parabox is an Obitsu distributor...what does that mean..they are a competitor for Volks, so you can compare the two now. I honestly like the Parabox layout than Volks as they more or less tell you EXACTLY what you are buying, while Volks seems to have "mystery meat" navigation for their doll lines. That being, Parabox has "27cm Male" for the body description which..well is what you are getting and Volks goes for the "Dollfie", "Super Dollfie", Dollfie Dream" kind of links that leave you wondering what they exactly are. (The prices were a BIG hint to me.)
ANYWAYS, on with the quest. I didn't check Volks first as I was saying from this image in my mind I didn't think they had what I wanted, so Parabox it was. I ordered a doll with parts that fit the description of what my character was in my mind. *click click* Shipped :D Yaaaaay stuff from Japan.

So, I thought it was over... )

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