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Dec. 16th, 2005 05:53 am
maverynthia: (Puchi Ryu)

Yeah yeah, I shoul put up Vermont Trip stuff, but I'm I'll toss up some Memes...

What breed of horse are you? Find out!

They should have one "You are a as a mustang, but different....with stripes" Zeebs are horses too...

Been mostly lazy....I need to update my website and all that Jazz, but I'm lazing.....laze laze laze...

BTW: THey increased user pics from 3 to 6...'bout time.. I can work better with 6 than with 3...

Watch the rest of Rockman.EXE and clean up some HD space for my Pizza Cats episodes... join a few LJ communes for Gyakuten Saiban and Nintendogs...
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Well I cancelled my "free POP" e-mail account, because they pulled the "We aren't going to provide POP service anymore" BS. So is officially dead as of today. If you send anything to that address's not going to work...

Watch a bunch more EXE episodes.
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Well i just got back from my brohters the other day for Turkey Murder day. I have 1 more day to enjoy all my downloaded anime before i go up to VT and have to rely on my DS...

Bah, my battlechips got ran through the washer... :( At least they are clean now I guess....


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I think that's how Colonel says it with accent in my musics folder...

OK so I got Megaman BN 5 Double Team, the dubbing is WORSE than expected... whenever I go to shoot my chip, it sounds like Mega is both on steroids and constipated and trying to drop a turd.... Oy Vey!! (Only thing my mind is giving as a response) I can only think the Japanese verion is MUCH better since Rock and Netto are both voiced by women and SOUND LIKE KIDS, instead of....try out for a boy band (which aren't boy sounding at all). I only hope Colonel doesn't sound bad, since his Japanese voice is man-lay! (in a GOOOOOOD way). Then again I HAVE been watching all of Rockman.Exe Axess in a Marathon-like fashion.

And now for the NEWS of Mario Kart DS. I both have and have played it online. And got 40 points which is a PERFECT ^^. Basically for WiFi play you select Regional or Worldwide or Friends, then it looks for 4 opponents, if there aren't 4 opponents you can't play...yeah... Then you have to play 4 tracks at 3 laps each. Not too bad... The WiFi set-up was a breeze and worked although it seems to NOT work when you have the AC in at the same time. Also I beat out Mario WITH Luigi. So..yeah... Luigi power!!

EDIT: I also want to add that my premontion was right and that the US was being "messed over" as a testing grounds for Japan, the WiFi service is experiencing difficulties and the whole Nintendo sites are having problems with logins...

Geez Quarters over already.
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