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I haven't been up to much, been lazing around and collecting fat..:(
It's bothering me that I dropped $20 down for my Microman, it's the card I'm not supposed to be using...and I dropped another $13 on it in groceries. I can explain away the lunch and the groceries, but the Microman don't go away so easily. I guess I could argue I was there they were there and if I didn't buy them then I wouldn't have gotten a chance to buy them again. However these things can be dropped into the frivolous catagory and I shouldn't have spent so much on Saint Seiya, Digimon and Pirates cards|minture card things. However I paid cash for those. I might just take a nip of the extra air ticket money to plop on it, since that's going to be spending money anyways...which would prolly go to buy more frivlous things like video games, microman and my little ponies...and more Pirates cards ship things.
I should say that I'm not good with money when I have it, I do know to QUIT spending on credit cards...but it seems ONLY when I'm at home and ONLY if Microman isn't involved. No I don't look up Microman on E-bay, I know I'd have a complete Micro-Earth on the other half of my room...
I was thinking of SELLING on E-bay however, some AECO's that I drew...AECO being Art ESOmething Card Originals or however the letters go.
I've also taken up watching Pretty Cure and GPX Cyber Formula. I watched an episode of Double One and like the feel of it I do like the fact that Hayato isn't an instant winner, that he suddenly gets ahold of himself and zooms to the #1 spot. As for Pretty Cure...I giggle everytime they say Pissard's name...and for good reason...*snerk* I'm looking to the OP/ED to both these series' but alas I don't know of any good MP3zorz websites or animeMP3 IRC channels.

I think I'm going to make this my current episode list as I'm got lots to do, however I keep forgetting which episode I watched here's the start of the list:
GPX 11: 2
GPX: 2
Pretty Cure: 2
Black Jack: 18 current
Saint Seiya: 48
Digimons: all current
Kappa: 19

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