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Final Fantasy XII Undub:
I'm actually liking playing the game finally without the earbleed SE wants to inject into it's mainstay series. (I'm surprised they didn't have a JP voice option considering people liked Advent Children subbed.) Though the main characters voice seems to be too deep for a hero IMHO. Though playing it I was thinking "is this a remake of #9 with #11 elements?". I can also tell that SE did a slipshop translation. When Vaan and Penelo are talking about the "party" (Yes it's one of those English words that the Japanese use.) The text doesn't even way party. I'm thinking "fete" is party, however my spellcheck says that's not a real word. Thank the Gods for JP voices.

Tales of Legendia Undub:
I really haven't been playing on this one. It seems to follow the whole "blond girl is mysterious" in the Tales series however. The voices are keeping me from earbleed city, and the translation seems OK.

Luminou Arc Undub:
Trainwreck translations. Especially with Nikolai. He doesn't say "my beloved Witch" he says "Majou-sama" which is giving her respect. He's after her because it's like an Otaku to whatever they are into (anime) rather than actually being in love with them. Their eyes get all hearts and stuff when they see the object they want to buy/glomp/fan over. I'm hoping the Luminous Arc 2 will have voices..however I doubt this and will seek to make an undub out of it.

Persona 3 Fes: Original BGM Undub:
The translation of this is next to horrible. When my dude was on the round and Yukari was shouting at him she was actually thinking he was dead by saying "Open your eyes" and "Wake up". Rather than the bland "Answer me.." and other crap. Also, when you agree to help the English says something like "that's terrible" or something to that accord while she really says "Thank goodness/that's a relief (yokata)". Most of the bad translation involves Junpei, he's really not that much of an idiot. Considering this is the second Atlus title listed I can say that Atlus' track record is in the toilet, of course they pat themselves on the back and think they did a good job.

Though playing Persona 3 got me into looking at the main Shin Megami Tensei series and I found it to be a Chaos Mages paradise. The whole store demons in your computer and summon them is really "in" with the whole...Chaos thing.
Though really you can liken Shin Megami Tensei as.. Pokemon with demons. As you collect them, "catch" them and add them to your team. So really Pokemon wasn't the first since Megami Tensei (no Shin) came out in 1987.
I can't say I'm really liking the Persona paradigm though. That the Persona ARE the person, though servitor creation is more like that. I'm more into the "seperate entity" thing, though created by the mage instead of summoned up.
Though I DO like the way Shin Megami Tensei defines demon. Basically anything that can bring ruin to humans, thus angels and YHVH are included in this definition. (Yes you DO fight YHVH in SMT...he's creepy).

I have played the Devil Children game and did enjoy that, so I probably will like long as there is pretty men. I'm hoping Persona 3 will have more pretty men other than Orpheus.

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