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I fucking hate people!!! People must DIE!!!

So, I come home from work today and I go to park my car, well, every spot is taken in front of my apartment so I have to park down a ways. WHy is this? THere are 4 aparments and there should be 2 cars (OR LESS) to each then why the FUCK are they all filled.
TWO, car alarms should be outlawed!! Nobody gives a fuck when they go off anyways. Even then why is this assjerks going off at every fucking hour for no fucking reason!!
Three, park your damn bikes in one slot not 2. YOur part of the problem!! Especially since you have a car too.
Whoever is the fucktard that keeps reving his bike real loud to set off the alarm...stop it. Or I will jab out your eyes with a NEEDLE and slit the backs of your heels!!

These are the issues I will take to the office tomorrow. And they bettr do some shit aobut it or I WILL be out of this place when my lease is up.

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I don't think anyone with a "character name" (that being a name from a popular anime/game/work of fiction/etc) has the right to tell me they don't want to see a mess of "insert popular character here". I mean it's simply hypocritical.
"I don't wanna see a million fortes" Yes well BeastOut(navinamehere), I don't want to see millions of BeastOut named characters... rarr...

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