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Jun. 4th, 2008 05:15 am
maverynthia: (Mang)

This is more for my own records, but everyone is free to look at this and hurredly move along mumbling to themselves.

Mang, has got to be the most...prominent doll in my collection and I'd say the most "scary"
Scary not at "OMGs burn dolleh!" but the fact that he..'works'. I decided to let Mang sleep on the other side of the bed, just to sort of bond with him....THE DREAMS I had! They were a bit disjointed but felt 'real'. Lest to say when he was sleeping in his regular bed...nothing. Then again when I first got him and made a bed for him that night the room Now, I do magic, but I hadn't done any the time I got him, unless you count "welcoming him" as magic. So..I think Mang in himself is a bit special.
That being said, I've tried to make him feel loved asd not shoved aside as I got the other dolls. Though I've noticed he's a bit sleepy after he does all his dream stuff. last night I left him out in the front room while I wen to sleep for the night, in the morning he was slumped over on his side as if asleep. Now, Mang is pretty stable standing up so... yeah

Doll really do have souls ._____.

I'm going to see if any of the other dolls have "special abilities". So far after I got Van the Deathbringer, bad things would happen and then lots of good would happen. So, I dunno. ._.
I've noticed Darren smiling more, when before he has this :| look on his face. Darren is considered Dannie's doll. They communicate with each other or something in android logic or whatever.

I know, I must have lost my marbles or something.....well they can stay lost. I kind of like this new reality better :3

I'm only hoping the new 44s I got aren't going to piss Mang off. I asked him about it and he felt kind of 'meh do whatever'

Getting out of the Twilight Zone now, I ordered Seig's new string and some eyes for my Threedy doll. I still have to finish D'vor. The 27s are starting to take over my dining room table. So, I have a new Dollfie coming as well. I think he'll be reject hair person as I have all this hair that's left over or has been cut I can root him with. I on;y hope the colors are "AS ADVERTISED" on Volks, as I had problems with their pink..ERR I mean RED eyes...>____>

Mang - Dreamz
Ashtan - Nothing
Megidtz - Complaints of his dead tribble
Seig Van- Nothing?
Darren - Nothing

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