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Well, by a bizarre series of events yesterday, I managed to buy a Wii!!
It all started when I went in for lab today, thniking only the class was cancelled. (Wasn't feeling too well and was in bed 90% of the day). So, I'm told class was cancelled, Woo >_< have to make it up. So much for Pokemon league. So, I'm like...I'm already up might as well go to Wal-mart and buy stuff. So I get my foods and go to games section like I normally do because, despite the fact that they aren't going to have anything I want...I still like to look at the shiny boxes in the case. So I see these 'Wii' boxes under the Wii games and next to the XBoxes. (Full load) I think to myself "it's that stupid steering wheel dohickey...not a real Wii..." I pause and stare.... mentions something about 'Wii Sports' that looks like a real Wii box....BAH, it's just some new Wii bundle with games and cases and straps and stuff... Pause... It's a white box with a Wii on it that says Wii and the blue sticker that says 'Wii sports included' SHIT DUDE! That's looks like a real Wii box!! That might have a real Wii inside! So I scour the rows to find somebody that looks like they can help me. So I find this older dude, prolly has no idea what a Wii does or is or how rare they are. I drag him over to the case and ask 'Is-is that a Wii? They aren't like..empty boxes' "Yes." 'Can-Can I buy it?' He goes to opening the case. I'm standing there like and saying 'I've never seen them available to buy like this before.' he says "We just unloaded them about an hour ago." I ask for Twilight Princess, he has to go run and get another key I grab a Memory card and plop it in my cart. ^-^ I Squii inside at my dumb luck...and think that maybe the fates had something to do with it. I certainly wasn't going to pass this up thinking "I can buy one later".

So those who have had the luck/ are going to have the luck of buying wii's here's my Wii Friend Code:
7531 1686 9497 6019

Here are my other FCs forDS games for those interested:

Pokemon Pearl US: 3479 9028 4946
Diddy Kong Racing: 137530 959692
Mario Kart: 232018 892751
Yu-Gi-Oh: Spirit 0559-2524-5644
Final Fantasy III: 4983-0690-8998
Digimon Story: 2577-8346-2733
Clubhouse Games: 3608-5943-7038
Lost Magic: 3780-3085-0412
Animal Crossing: 0473-0609-0995 Name: Maveryn Town: Gennsu

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