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There's a new Xmen mnga out from Del Rey called X-men Misfits. I actually BOUGHT it.

What you see on the cover as art IS indicitive of what quality is inside. The inside art is VERY manga, none of this TokyoPop stuff where the cover art looks great and then you open it...
The SFX while in English, are done the Japanese way (BY HAND). None of that crap they usually use to replace SFX in the edited JP mangas.
It's a MANHAREM! ^.^ Yes MAN HAREM! Lots of sexy dudes. I don't see any of the typical T&A, barely legal crap that is in mainstream comics.
The story actually seems interesting and seems to be along the lines of a shoujo (and not just another Xmen story with manga polish) (of course I haven't gotten THAT far)
It has sexy Dudes.....did I mention the sexy dudes....

I'm not sure WHEN this is set in the X-men timeline (could be on one of those infinite earth things ;P) but Xavier isn't in a wheelchair... that bugs me for some reason. Possibly that even if it isn't the "comic" version, it should still hold onto it's roots better.
Xavier doesn't look like Patrick Stewart <.< >.> ermm..uhm.. yeah.. ;-; I like Patrick Stewart.
Beast looks like an overstuffed bear, kinda like Totoro. I really prefer the "comic" version Beast. He's one of my favorites. (At least I assume the overstuffed bear guy is Beast)
Nightcrawler needs to shave his legs >:D (I assume that's Nightcrawler...)

That's about it for now. I'm really impressed with it for what it is. I've seen the other "Mangafications" of Xmen and they've all been crappy. This one really deserves to be called manga.


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