Jun. 24th, 2007 07:28 pm
maverynthia: (Puchi Ryu)

I finished Brigadoon, and it turned out better than I had expected. The things I also suspected were true too...
I will say that this is the best anime I ever watched, as it doesn't fall into any catagory and it's very unique. I will also say that this anime is very much a romance and really the whole thing should be catagorized as such. Really the other characters just serve as backdrop and characterization props. I will say it has a happy sad ending, and does a good job ofsumming itself up and explaining everything. So this isn't your Evangaleion anime...where your STILL left wondering what everything was. I reccomend this anime to everyone, because it does so much to break the standard mold that most old and new anime is. I mean just look at the main characters, a girl and a living weapon. Which is not the same as a boy and his mech.... (i should also note that Melan is NOT a robot/android, but was created through biological editing). I also wouldn't really say the ending is happy, but it's also not's one of those endings that you can sort of interpret, but I say they stay together, or the whole ordeal would have been for nothing.

I still want to see anime like it...where the protector actually survives...Yes, Melan survives as do all your favorites. Nobody dies horrible and the people that do die are by natural causes that do not include sickness...
So yeah, quirky romance stories that don't have angels or demons and crap like that...

I also went ahead and bought the whole series including the's that awesome!

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