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Good thing I didn't wake up early to catch the Digimon "Return of Diablomon". From what I can tell, it's a mix of horror and purist. Good thing I watched the SUB. :D

So, I'm gonna try to finish off Frontier today. *dramatic pose* Only about 15 episodes left. Though I'm going in the crappy part that's uber repetative.
And remember Devimon is LOVE...and so is Junpei

Finish off Digimon: Frontier

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Anything with a stike is stuff I've already bought/gotten
Stuff I want for my Birthday:
Harvest Moon: Wonderful Life For Girl - I'm having a little trepidation on this one, I've never played a good 3D HM game, the last one was the PS1
Harvest Moon: Mineral Town For Girl - I've been pining for this one, FinalFantasy 2 can't slake my lust for it
Digimon World 4 GC - I'm hearing positive things about htis one, the only bad thing I hear about it is that it's MUCH better on Multi-player mode..of which I have no other playersaround.
RCA to phono adapter

That being said, the DigimonWorld 4 has gotten me back into caring about Digimon where I want to finish off all the series' (subbed of course)
I haven't found a series that takes away my interest on HM though, I haven't seen a farm raising anime yet...though if I wanted to bake bread...

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