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I have recently been looking into other MMOs, being that I now run 85% a Linux Box on my laptop. I found Regnum Online and Planeshift.
Regnum being the typical fantasy MMO and Planeshift being the atypical Fantasy RPG that plays more like a graphical MUD.
Graphical MUD being that you have to type in answers like "Hello" to NPCs rather than right-click and such.
That being said I did look for some MMOs for the Windows side and continued looking, since MMOs are my thesis I decided to do a bit more research.
I picked up Cabal Online, that one has been in OMGs beta for a while now and finally has a NA releaser. Lest to say that Cabal Online was 90% hype. Not that the game is bad, but the movies that came out made it look like something it's not. If anything it's more like a Age of Conan meets WoW. You have to press the buttons to attack, and have a long quest list. However unlike WoW the quests are more...linear in that you don't have tons of them dropping off the bottom of the list and most can be taken out 2 or 3 at a time.
Though in my trek across the internet I've noticed a BIG surge in the "cute" MMO game that just irks me. It has the cute graphics with the desaturated palette. You FlyFF and Fiesta. The engines are basically the same and the grind is just as bad. I'm not even sure how these games attract people when they are so cookie cutter.

I also stumbled upon MMOSite as well and found a few articles that interested me, including an Aion first look.
Lest to say the screenshots I saw were about as i had expected.
It looks like Granado Espada level graphics, not that GE has bad graphics, however most of the "production shots" seemed to have more of a Guild Wars feel to them. I don't feel bad anymore that they are going to charge $15 a month for it as I don't have a drive to play it anyways. This feels more like a CashShop type of game.
Which is another point. The hype around MMOs.
There are these stages of closed Beta that they have limitedly just to get people to go "Ohhh I hope I get into beta" and thus prolongs the release to the outside world and generates the "Gotta play this game". And then like Cabal Online, you get the game into your hands and it's...limp and not what you expected. Which is what I think that Aion game is going. Looking at the undoctored screens, it looks like it's going to be another "flying" MMO like Perfect World and FlyFF. Basically, typical Korean the sky.
Of course there are going to be the people that are going to try and talk themselves into thinking their choice was good, when you can see past it and find that they are just trying to convince themselves it's good. Usually those people are aggressive like "Well it's YOUR loss your not playing this GREAT game." as people who really enjoy the game are more likely to give the points they like about the game "I like the flying, it's fun, you can kills stuff in the sky." and leave it at that.

Another thing is the P2P aspect of gaming. I'll admit a little bit that I'm a bit spoiled on CashShop games as I can play for free and only give the company what I feel the game deserves from me, and I don't feel guilted into playing "Well I AM paying this fee so I HAVE to play it." I can sit the game down, walk away and come back later. I can also use that as a "vote" for or against the company. As in the case of Sword of the New World, they weren't taking care of the botters (waiting for the update no doubt that didn't solve the issue.) and playing was becoming unbearable, I voted against them by NOT buying their (overpriced) shop items. However in the time I was on Granado Espada, I spent...probably more than I should have. However at that time I felt the releasers deserved that money.
However in P2P games, once you cancel your account, your basically dead to the company. Usually you can no longer post on the forums and express why you quit and such as you forum account is linked to your game account. Also, you can't see if the conditions improved or not. You'll have to pay again to chance at the fact that it got better or it got worse. With a free game you can log in and check easily.
I guess you can look at P2P MMOs as "exclusive clubs" that you get into where you can hob-nob with others, while the free MMOs are the non-exclusive where everyone can play, however if you want to spend the money you can get more exclusive items to spruce up your character and give yourself buffs.

Though on another note, I don't like CashShop items that give characters a SUPER advantage over others. As usually that causes people to get frustrated and quit. It just seems not fair, however ones that allow EXP buffs or some buffs I don't mind as if you want the +EXP then you can pony up the Gil too. I usually buy the costumes and the sexy pets myself.
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Blah, today was just...icky. I slept for most of the day for no real reason other than I haven't been getting adequate sleep. Oh well....

Watch more Onmyou Taisenki and some Tactics and maybe polish off Weed

Well I got Rank 3-1 done by myself, The next 3-2 rank is a bit tricky as I need a RDM and a BLM. So, I'm going to have to look for peeps to party with. No problems I'm sure someone in the LS will be happy to join me. I'm steadily getting ready for the Rank 4 missions.

I also played a little with Kakkyoi. I completed another gopher quest and I also traded off some Ornate necklaces for some Ele Leggings. He now has adequate crotch protection. I'm looking to being able to fund my Pyromancer set, complete with orange trim. Unless I can trade for it

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Jan. 26th, 2006 03:35 am
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After taking some "inspiro" from [ profile] twotone I'm going to document my MMO journies. Thus I have tacked onto the bottom Kakkyoi Genovera and Maverynthia from those two MMO games. I did away with the Whatpulse sig and the eggs, those are for normal messages now.So I'll ive updates to those who want to read stuff like that.

Watch more Ginga Densetsu Weed, a cool anime about dogs.
Well Mav's not doing so hot. I'm trying to get to level 10 however people who said they'd help, AREN'T one is in the dunes and the other well. I have no idea what's she's up to. In other Mav news, I got help from my cooler than Nephalim LS in getting my airship passes at level 33. "TAKE THAT!" Nephalim who wouldn't help me till level 5o!!! There is still a little hostility towards them, it's even more compounded on by my friend whose been in there longer admitting she felt the same thing. I don't think I'll ever leave Arcanum it's got Falquan, and people know how to take a joke!! Or maybe I should say, insults fly like butterflies over there so no one CAN get offened. I bet it I told someone the same thing I said to WolfLeader, everyone else would either join in on the joke or just call me a grammer nazi and be done with it. I feel most likely BOTH would happen. Then we'd laugh about it, pause and make fun of Falq some more.

Kakkyoi is doing alright, he's gotten his ass kicked by some Charr, but he's doing OK. I hope to figure out the armor system soon as it's more confusing than WoW or FFXI, also it's expensive to identify stuff. Having 5ooG is actually a FEAT. I hope to finish up some quests then maybe try a little PvP. Since you can PvP outta the box and seemingly be paired up with people of equal levels, all should be good. Unlike the WoW PvP where you PvP at level 60 or your the one being PvPed.

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