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Apparently there was a doll convention going on and they had a whole room to themselves for Volks only dolls. It was decorated all peach and white and stuff. ANYways I had apparenty entered the raffle to win the chance to buy and LE Isao (I kept debating on if it was a 45 or a 60 in the dream)for $110 and it was based on Star Wars. He was Darth Vader xD. The $110 was broken up into $100 for him and $10 for something else. They were also selling "Doll Buddies" for $10 which were men they had captured that were into dolls so you could buy them as a companion xD!!!!! They also had a "Doll Buddy" net to get your own. xD!!!! (It looked like an elongated "net hamper" for laundry.)
So, anyways, I had won and I was wondering if they took credit cards, since I left my checkbook at home. (I never carry it with me.) While I was waiting in the peach room, it jumped to where people were waiting on a train to GET BACK to Orlando for the convention. When a train pulled in, everyone got on, and I asked if this was the right train and someone told me that they knew someone who knew this was the right train, I had a feeling it wasn't the right train. I get on and sit down anyways, might as well be lost with all the other doll people. There was only one person that had a doll on the train and they were re-clothing him. (Had a black wig and I remember his sterno-choledial ...cheled-- yeah.. was really..wrong and pronounced (like on MOST dolls I see.)) That's when the dream sort of faded away and I can't remember it. I think I woke up wanting the Isao anyways and didn't care if they took credit or not as I'd negotiate for them to hold it till I could give them the right form of money.

I think I'm more...intrigued by the fact Volks had dolls based on characters from Star Wars than I am at the fact I could get one of their dolls for $110 xD.

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