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Yes that's a gamertag on my sticky post.. I bought Viva Pinata as it was a game I was looking to get if I ever got a they made it for PC. Despite it's dubious M$ really is a fun game. You get to smack pinata and watch them burst...then watch fellow pinata eat their innards... breed pinata and sell them into slavery...the bees go for aroun 1000 coins.. So if you have the game feel free to add me to your list. It's prolly gonna be the only game I buy...unless they come out with that one Chopin RPG...

In other news, I bought a PSP...I suddenly got obsessed with Monster Hunter and heard you could tunnel it...considering Nintendo is doing everything it can to screw over WiFi..and the fact tha the PSP is getting some cool RPGs... it might be my choice in system.. considering they already nerfed FF:CC Rings of fat or which ever one goes on the DS...

Only trouble now is the adapter I bought doesn't seem to want to pick up the PSP...despite connecting to it... ah well...I'll keep trying..
So once I get that working... I'll have yet another WiFi device to play games with...

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